Jim the Cabin Boy has to collect all the items of Booty from the ship's 20 cabins by collecting keys that open locked doors. Hazards include the pirates who patrol the rooms, rats which crawl along the deck and the ships parrot which flies around the ship. Also some booty is booby trapped and explodes when Jim tries to collect it.

Use arrows keys to move, X to use exits, and Z if you get stuck.

Based on the 1984 game, Booty, by John Cain. Pico-8 Coding & Graphics by Nate Taylor.


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Deleted 4 years ago

It's completable, but could use some fixes (such as occasionally getting stuck on a ladder, which is why I added a restart level option). See Bugs List

Writing it was a learning process that I'm glad some players have enjoyed and given suggestions on. I'll happily take any help to make it better. I've made the source code available for any who might be interested.